Why Drain Cleaning is Important

May 25, 2016

It’s springtime and homeowners in West Chester have been organizing their closets, steam cleaning the carpets, and giving their home a good scrub. But what about your drains? You can’t forget to clean out your drains!

You may have a store-bought drain cleaning product for when the bathtub is backing up or the kitchen sink won’t drain, but sticking a band-aid on the problem often won’t make it go away. Plumbing issues that appear minor usually end up being big problems if they aren’t resolved correctly. Even if you think it’s just a slow drain, you should have a professional drain cleaning to make sure it doesn’t cause damage to the entire system and turn into a huge (and expensive) problem. Remember, no plumbing problem is ever too minor to require a drain cleaning.

There are several reasons why tub, sink, and toilet drains can end up clogged. For kitchen drains, the most common reasons are going to be food and grease. Make sure you turn on your garbage disposal and avoid putting things like grease, vegetable peels, and fruit seeds or pits down the drain because they will all make mayhem for your pipes and other plumbing components. For bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers, the most common reasons for drain clogs will be pieces of hair, soap scum, and foreign objects. (Is your child missing some puzzle pieces or have you found that you can’t find your favorite bracelet?) A seasonal drain cleaning by a local West Chester expert will help keep these minor situations from accumulating and resulting in a huge plumbing disaster.

Your toilet can also become clogged by the common issue of using too much toilet paper, but also from depositing things like paper towels, diapers, cotton balls, or flushable wipes into the septic system.

If the pipes get clogged, by toys, kitty litter, or anything else, it will probably also affect the water pressure balance of your complete plumbing system. If you don’t rectify these issues quickly by calling for an expert in drain cleaning, it may result in cracked pipes. Or worse, your pipes could totally burst leaving you without working water in your home.

Don’t forget, what drains down can also come up. Unfortunately, you probably know this already with past incidents with a clogged toilet, but backing up can also happen in your home’s sinks. Have you ever been washing dishes after dinner and saw the water wasn’t draining and that vegetable you put down there a minute ago is now swimming around? A routine drain cleaning, or an emergency drain cleaning when you first notice the clog, can avoid these situations altogether and prevent your drains from getting clogged and causing odor to back up into your home along with the water.

For expert drain cleaning in West Chester, call Wesley Wood Service Experts. We are available 24/7/365 for all your plumbing needs, so if you have a crisis at 8:00 in the evening or it’s just been awhile since your last drain cleaning, we are here for you.

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