Is Puron R410a Being Phased Out?

Your AC equipment uses a chemical refrigerant to shift heat within your residence outside. This makes your residence chilled and relaxing. The model of refrigerant used in your West Chester home’s air conditioner has switched a few times as time has passed, keeping up with technological breakthroughs and environmental considerations.

All modern home AC equipment in West Chester have R410a, also referred to as Puron. But this refrigerant will subsequently be phased out. This is due to a sustained attention on reducing substances known to negatively impact the environment.

To understand the “why” that drives air conditioning rules, it’s helpful to put it into perspective. Two-thirds of the 128.5 million homes in the USA have cooling systems, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

But it’s not actually the air conditioning system itself, or even its cooling capabilities.

The main problem is the refrigerant these systems use to produce the cooling we enjoy.

Installed after 2010

If your equipment was connected after January 1, 2010, it probably has R410a. And there’s an extended amount of time for you to prepare for the phaseout. So, it’s not something you should be concerned about at this time.

Recommendations and dates have been determined for commercial cooling systems. But the start of the phaseout for residential AC systems hasn’t yet been determined. However, the phaseout could commence around 2024 and take 10 years to end.

By that time, you may need to buy a new your unit anyhow, as the ordinary life span for a cooling system is often 15 years.

Installed Before 2010

This chemical isn’t being created right now, but there are still a lot of West Chester residential air conditioning systems that use R22. If you need service, it might be very costly since only reacquired and recycled refrigerant is available.

A lot of the time, we suggest buying a new your equipment due to the rising prices of maintaining an AC with R22. Plus, you’ll be receiving a more energy-efficient unit.

Give our Experts a call at 484-401-7577 now and we’ll help you get started finding a new unit.

How Do I Know What Type Refrigerant My AC Uses?

If you’re unsure what kind of refrigerant your AC has, you can look at its panel. This piece is typically located on the exterior condenser. Or you can check your owner’s manual.

If you still can’t locate it, West Chester residents should contact us at 484-401-7577 and our Experts can assist you.

Why are Refrigerants Hurtful to the Environment?

Older kinds of refrigerants can harm the planet and lead to climate change. Here’s a glance at the history of residential air conditioner refrigerants:

  • Residential air conditioners have used R22, or Freon, for many years. Researchers found it was harmful to the planet and ozone, so production permanently halted on January 1, 2020.
  • R410a is the alternative for R22. It’s what you’ll find in all new air conditioning systems today.

What Should I Do in the Interim?

If your air conditioner is close to (or older than) 15 years, now’s a great time to get started preparing for this purchase.

We understand that installing a new system can be a considerable expense. That’s why we have our exclusive Advantage Program™ plus financing, With our Advantage Program, you can get an up-to-date, high-efficiency system for merely one small monthly payment. And enjoy maintenance, repairs and parts at no additional price.*

Reach us at 484-401-7577 to schedule an appointment right away. We’ll discuss your budget and needs to help you select the best comfort system for your home.

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